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Niños de Ahora is the biggest and most active parenting community for Spanish-speaking families around the world.
The Effective Parenting Method (Método Paternidad Efectiva) is a ground-breaking approach to parenting that has helped over 50,000 families around the globe.

We have been working with the Niños de Ahora team for over a year now, helping them continually expand their brand. We soon took over their Facebook campaigns, quickly expanded to interest targeting, and leveraged dynamic creative optimization to scale up ad spend and revenue in the US, Mexico, and Latin America.

The Challenge:

Niños de Ahora is a marketing leader in Spanish-speaking countries. The company has been recognized as a leader using the Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker. However, when it came to evergreen funnels, the company needed a full evergreen marketing strategy to nurture their new leads, scale up their Facebook ad spend, and get a constant source of revenue all year long. 

The Results:

Using our years of experience and marketing knowledge to scale digital courses. Niños de Ahora experienced sustainable growth on their evergreen funnel. Within 6 months of working together, we were seeing an increase in ROAS to 2.87X compared to previous quarters.

“Paola is an extension of our marketing team. She brings a lot of experience from other brands. She always has a great strategy to share.” 

Pablo Sanchez
CEO, Niños de Ahora

Niños de Ahora experienced a massive 92.94% quarter of quarter growth after we scaled their ad spend. Taking advantage of the new years’ resolutions, we scaled up the account by almost 20% while decreasing the cost per acquisition by 34%.

We leveraged different strategies on Facebook, including a deep dive analysis of interest targeting. In addition, we focused our efforts on cold traffic by testing different hooks, creatives, and copies. 

We developed solid strategies on creatives that directly addressed the pain points of the avatars. We also used dynamic creative testing to identify what creative combinations worked best according to the target country.

The ad variations allowed us to learn what worked and what did not work. This information is equally important when we scale up any account. Due to our experience working with info products in the US, we expanded the number of purchasers in states including Florida, California, and Texas. 

We also tested specific creatives for Mexico and Latin America. Again, knowing what type of creatives worked in each country was an essential component of our success. 

We continue testing new creatives every week and identifying tendencies and messages that resonate with the audience. In addition, digital trends are constantly changing, so we experience different formats like videos, carousels, images, including long and short testimonials, user-generated content. All these strategies allowed us to keep at the forefront of digital advertising. 

By the numbers:

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