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English With Lucy, a leading online education business spearheaded by CEO Lucy Bella Simkins and husband William Simkins, offers comprehensive English language courses catering to various proficiency levels.

English With Lucy began as a university passion project and has since grown into a YouTube channel with 10 million subscribers and a thriving 7-figure+ business with an operation of 15 team members.

With a mission to make English learning accessible and engaging, the brand has garnered a vast audience through its innovative course structures and teaching methodologies.

Starting from Scratch:

The primary goal was to generate new, high-quality leads. While Lucy already had a source of leads, they weren’t converting as desired. The team decided to start afresh, focusing on data-driven insights.

Monthly Launch Testing:

Pro Ad Scalers adopted a unique approach, testing new launches every month. Unlike evergreen campaigns, these launches had a limited timeframe to maximise sales. The team relied on their testing methods, drawing intelligence from YouTube analytics, email marketing data, and competitor analysis to nail down the ad messaging.

Brand Recognition and Authority:

The team implemented images featuring Lucy to establish brand authority and recognition. They also utilised mini VSL (Video Sales Letter) format videos, generating high-quality audiences and potential buyers.

Through testing, it was discovered that longer videos, up to 5 minutes, were ideal for engaging the audience and driving sales.

Testimonial-Style Copy:

Copy in the form of testimonials was identified as highly impactful. This style was leveraged to resonate with the audience and increase conversion chances.

Audience and Geographic Targeting:

A crucial part of the strategy was pinpointing which audiences and countries would most likely generate sales. This led to the creation of a pool of ad sets ready for deployment whenever needed.

Rapid Scaling and Maximizing ROAS:

Upon launching the campaigns, the focus shifted to scaling up the most promising ads and maximising the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) within the short launch timeframe.

“Oh my god. They are amazing. They’re the best team we’ve ever worked with regards to response time and engagement. Like, things are actioned immediately.

They’re very aware of the immediacy of ads and their real-time nature. She has people working with her in different time zones as well. So when Paola’s asleep, Alicia’s awake, and we love that.

Cause if there’s ever an issue, someone will help us fix it. And also we don’t find ourselves having to do too much of the fixing. They really do take a lot off our hands, as we’re in this busy course production mode. It’s so wonderful that we can relax and know it’s handled. They send reminders on Slack when they need creatives and things like that.

They work with our team instead of always wanting to go through us. It’s evolved into a real symbiotic relationship.

Pop on a call with Paola because she’s really honest. She’s open, and there’s no bullshit. Definitely talk to her because you need to work with someone you trust. I’m confident that Paola will be that person. I like her so much I don’t really want to share her. But if you want to work with her, have a go. [laughs] “

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