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Homemade Method, co-founded by Anna Rakoczy, began as a passion project to help women lose weight without dieting. From its humble beginnings as a Stanford University class project, it has grown into a mobile app that has helped over 25,000 women through its membership and more than half a million women through online workshops.

With a mission to transform women’s lives in their 50s, 60s, & 70s by using a revolutionary yet simple and easy approach to weight loss Homemade Method has become a beacon of hope for women.

Deep Data Dive:

Understanding the audience was paramount. Pro Ad Scalers delved deep into the data, analysing the most successful social media posts and reading user comments. This initial investigation was grounded in the data reported by social media platforms.

Retesting for the New Era:

Homemade Cooking had previously invested significantly in ads before the iOS 14 changes. Pro Ad Scalers took the initiative to retest those concepts to validate the messaging for the new era of Facebook ads.

Messaging Element Testing:

The team conducted rigorous tests on various messaging elements to determine the most effective combinations. The elements tested included:

  • Headlines
  • Hooks
  • Text overlay in the images

Audience Expansion:

Upon identifying winning ad combinations, Pro Ad Scalers probed new audiences. This step was crucial to expand the company’s reach in cold traffic.

Scaling Up with Cold Traffic:

With consistent and sustainable results in hand, the focus shifted to scaling up the account. Targeting cold traffic became the primary strategy, mastering the art of attracting new clients. This approach is the secret behind the significant growth experienced by Homemade Method.

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